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idbiblio 10172
écrit par Smith A. *
éditeurIn Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa.London, 5 vol., 1838-1850.
pagesunnumb. pp
commentaireconsisting chiefly of figures and descriptions of the objects of natural history collected during an expedition into the interior of South Africa in 1834-36. see Barnard 1950 for dates of individual parts; fishes from 1838-1847.
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nom prénom: devcloffa
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Taxons décrits

idtaxon taxon auteur ref. flag page ref
1957 Barbus capensis Smith, 1841 Valid X
5307 Barbus capensis ( part.) Unknown
1785 Barbus marequensis Smith, 1841 Valid X
1825 Barbus pallidus Smith, 1841 Valid X
1622 Labeo umbratus (Smith, 1841) Valid X