Descriptions of three new fishes discovered by the late Mr. J. S. Budgett in the Niger. Recherche rapide
idbiblio 1056
écrit par Boulenger G.A. *
éditeurProceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1
pages197-199,pl. VII-VIII.
ajouté par date: 14/11/2005
nom prénom: devcloffa
organisme: IRD

Taxons décrits

idtaxon taxon auteur ref. flag page ref
4827 Alestes affinis Unknown
4890 Alestes macrolepidotus Unknown
4473 Gnathonemus cyprinoides Senior synonym
4488 Gnathonemus gilli Junior synonym
4489 Gnathonemus greshoffii Senior synonym
4512 Gnathonemus mento Senior synonym
4514 Gnathonemus monteiri Senior synonym
4542 Gnathonemus ussheri Senior synonym
4693 Marcusenius budgetti Junior synonym
4443 Marcusenius psittacus Senior synonym
6567 Synodontis batensoda Rüppell, 1832 Valid 151
6591 Synodontis membranaceus (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1809) Valid 199
2380 Synodontis resupinatus Boulenger, 1904 Valid 199, pl. 8 X