Report on a collection of fishes made by Dr. A. Donaldson Smith during his expedition to lake Rudolf. Recherche rapide
idbiblio 845
écrit par Günther A. *
éditeurProceedings of the Zoological Society of London (reprinted also as appendix in A.D. Smith, 1897 pp. 377-385)
pages217-224 (377-385),pl. 9 ,3 fig.
ajouté par date: 14/11/2005
nom prénom: devcloffa
organisme: IRD

Taxons décrits

idtaxon taxon auteur ref. flag page ref
4827 Alestes affinis Unknown
4900 Alestes rüppellii Unknown
11343 Chromis niloticus (non Linnaeus, 1758) #3 Junior synonym
9779 Chromis spilurus Unknown
10435 Chromis tristrami Unknown
9705 Chromis tristrami (part.) Unknown
5253 Citharinus geoffroei Unknown
5256 Citharinus geoffroii Unknown
6464 Clarias smithii Unknown
11104 Ctenopoma petherici (part.) Unknown
5176 Distichodus rudolphi Unknown
6176 Eutropius depressirostris (non Peters) Unknown
4732 Mormyrus walkeri Unknown
4576 Mormyrus zambanenje Unknown
4199 Polypterus bichir (non Geoffroy Saint Hilaire) Unknown
2327 Synodontis geledensis Günther, 1896 Valid X
2378 Synodontis punctulatus Günther, 1889 Valid 223
2385 Synodontis schall (Bloch, 1801) Valid 221, fig. 3