Lacustricola vitschumbaensis (Ahl, 1924) Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Common names : Bitschumbi lampeye (English), Bitschumbi-Leuchtaugenfisch / Vitschumba-Leuchtaugenfisch (German) .
  • Current distribution known : Lake Edward, Lake George, and the connecting Kasinga Channel, the Rutshuru River and the upper Semliki River (above the rapids) in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and western Uganda; northern part of Lake Victoria in southern Uganda; Mbuga Creek close to the Niansimbi (or Buranga) hot springs in western Uganda. A population showing affinities with this species also occurs in the Lake Kioga drainage systen of southern Uganda .
  • Ecology : not a seasonal killifish .
  • Habitat : swamps, shallows and shore regions of Lakes Edward and George; shore regions and papyrus swamps in northern part of Lake Victoria .
  • Reproduction : development time of eggs in captivity is 14 days; sexual maturity reached at 6-7 months | near-to-surface spawner, 2 weeks incubation (Huber, Killi-Data online: .
  • Size : 55 mm TL .
  • Types :
    • Haplochilichthys eduardensis David & Poll, 1937: 255, fig. 29. Type locality: "Vitshumbi, Lac Edouard", Lake Edward, northeastern Zaïre (00°42'S-29°25'E). Syntypes MRAC n° 38.836 to 38.840 (5).
    • Haplochilichthys pfefferi Ahl, 1924 e: 136. Type locality: "Vitchumba", Vitshumbi, northeastern Zaire (00°41'S-29°23'E). Syntypes ZMHU, registration number unknown.
    • Haplochilichthys vanderbilti Fowler, 1936 b: 318, fig. 128-129. Type locality: "Kitala, Uganda" (00°07'N-32°31'E). Syntypes ASNP n° 65.900 and 65.901 (2).
    • Haplochilichthys vitschumbaensis Ahl, 1924 e: 136. Type locality: "Vitschumba", Vitshumbi, northeastern Zaïre (00°41'S-29°23'E). Syntypes ZMHU, registration numbers unknown.