Micropanchax fuelleborni (Ahl, 1924) Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Common names : Fuelleborns's lampeye / Lake Rukwa lampeye (English), Soukkatähtisilmä (Finnish), Fülleborns Leuchtaugenfisch (German) .
  • Current distribution known : Lake Rukwa (Tanzania), Malagarazi, Wembere system and the Mweru-Luapula area (upper Congo River basin). Also reported from the upper Lualaba .
  • Ecology : not a seasonal killifish .
  • Food habits : feeds on small terrestrial insects, water insects and their larvae, and other animals like crustacean and others which they are able to swallow .
  • Habitat : prefers surface layer of smaller and more quiet waters which usually are shallow and which may be subject to desiccation from time to time; also found in fast flowing waters; often seen in large accumulations .
  • Reproduction : deposits eggs between plants and roots in shallow water or at margin of waters; young need 8-10 days to hatch .
  • Size : 30 mm TL .
  • Types :
    • Haplochilichthys fuelleborni Ahl, 1924 e: 138. Type locality: "Rukwa See", southwestern Tanzania (08°00'S-32°25'E). Syntypes ZMH n° 16.321 (4) and 16.322 (38), MNHN n° 1929-213 (3).