Dasyatis ukpam (Smith, 1863) Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Current distribution known : this species has been reported only from the type locality, Old Calabar The authors (Campagno & Roberts, 1984) have identified specimens from the Ogowe River at Booué, Lake Azingo south of Lambaréné, Ogowe basin, and Lower Zaïre River .
  • Size : the foetal syntypes were obtained from a female "about 4 feet across" The largest specimen examined by the authors, an immature female, is 650 mm disc width .
  • Types :
    • Hemitrygon ukpam Smith, 1863: 69. Type locality: "Old Calabar". Syntypes BMNH n° 1874.5.23: 1 and Royal Scotish museum of Edinburgh.