Fundulopanchax intermittens (Radda, 1974) Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Colour pattern : van der Zee et al., 2007b .
  • Common names : Berg-Wunderkärpfling (German) .
  • Current distribution known : Mamfue River in the upper Cross basin It is found in two clusters of populations. One near Tinto Mbu on the roads to Bajok, Dongwi and Tali. The other at about 18 km distance near Etuku and Bayenti .
  • Morphology : van der Zee et al., 2007b .
  • Size : 60 mm SL .
  • Types :
    • Aphyosemion mirabile intermittens Radda, 1974 d: 9. Type locality: "Ein kleiner Fluss, 6 km südlich von Babeke an der Strasse von Mamfe nach Manyemen", southwestern Cameroon (05°32'N-09°30'E). Holotype and paratypes NMW, registration numbers unknown.