Aphyosemion kouamense Legros, 1999 Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Colour pattern : van der Zee et al., 2007b .
  • Current distribution known : only known from a few localities, along the road from Kougouleu to Medouneu, all in the vicinity of the village of Engong Mouame, in the basin of the Komo River of northwestern Gabon. It is possibly also known from one point on Cape Esturias .
  • Food habits : ants and other insects .
  • Habitat : occurs in still water of brooks and small streams in the rain forest .
  • Reproduction : laying adhesive egg on aquatic plants and roots; 3 weeks incubation; eggs diameter: 1.3 mm .
  • Size : 42 mm TL .
  • Types :
    • Aphyosemion kouamense Legros, 1999: 33 fig. Type locality: "Edge of Cristal Mountains, 2.5 kilometers north of Nzog Bizeng (Nzogbinzègue), northwestern Gabon (0°25'N-10°04'E)". Holotype: MRAC 99.01.P.0001; paratypes: MRAC 99.01.P.0002-0008.