Haplochromis graueri Boulenger, 1914 Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Current distribution known : Lake Kivu .
  • Food habits_references : Ulyel et al., 1990 .
  • Size : 119 mm SL .
  • Types :
    • Haplochromis graueri Boulenger, 1914 a: 257, tab. X (part.). Type locality: "Albert-Eduard-See, Kiwu-See" (The mention of Lake Edward (Albert-Eduard-See) has to be considered as a lapse, as this locality does not correspond with the data on the labels of the type specimens and has never been mentioned again by Boulenger). Syntypes ZMB n° 19.121 (14), BMNH n° 1914.4.8: 19-20 (2) (According to the number of types mentioned in the description, there are actually two type specimens too much).