Aphyosemion elberti (Ahl, 1924) Recherche rapide


  • DISTRIBUTION: Lien Faunafri
  • Common names : Red barred killi (English), Tuliraitaviiripyrstö (Finnish), Rotstreifen-Prachtkärpfling (German) .
  • Current distribution known : known from upper Sanaga and This species is known from upper Mambere Rivers in central and western Cameroon. Elsewhere, found in the upper Mambere River of western Central African Republic, and the upper Mbam River, This species is known from upper Benue and This species is known from upper Logone systems in eastern Nigeria and northern Cameroon .
  • Food habits : omnivorous .
  • Habitat : occurs in small streams, brooks and swamps in the open and humid grassland savannah .
  • Size : 40 mm TL .
  • Types :
    • Panchax elberti Ahl, 1924 d: 309. Type locality: "Jade-Plateau, Lebo Fluss, Ostkamerun", central Cameroon (6.751°N-15.33°E). Syntypes ZMHU, registration numbers unknown.